- ETH mining reward is now bigger than block reward due to high transaction fee these days. ETH pool's withdrawal fee will vary dynamically according to network status
- ETC blockchain is splitted due to 51% attack again. ETC mining hashrate is routed to ETH and stopped auto exchange, withdrawals. (6th Aug)
- Gamecredits moved to ERC20 token on 1st July. Learn more
  We will swap, auto exchange into BTC and credit to each account if you didn't withdraw until then.

Contributor Hashrates

Rank User Name KH/s SXC/Day

General Statistics

Pool Hash Rate 0.000 MH/s
Current Difficulty 65421.199695354
Est. Avg. Time per Round (Network) 1 minute
Est. Avg. Time per Round (Pool) zero seconds
Est. Shares this Round 261685 (done: 0%)
Next Network Block 3932470    (Current: 3932469)
Last Block Found 3089140
Time Since Last Block 14053 hours 18 minutes 39 seconds
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Last Found Blocks

Block Finder Time Actual Shares
3089140 anonymous 06/01 16:18:36 (UTC) 101
3088909 anthwill82 06/01 12:25:19 (UTC) 4
3088898 anthwill82 06/01 12:18:56 (UTC) 42
3088810 anonymous 06/01 10:47:32 (UTC) 32
3088743 anthwill82 06/01 09:40:32 (UTC) 46
  • Note: Round Earnings are not credited until 130 confirms.